The Story

Just a regular night shift for Joe – or so it seems.

At the museum Joe comes across a painting of a beautiful woman.
Being the lovable pervert that his parents raised him to be, he cannot resist to try to take a picture of her awesome titt’s. (You heard us internet, this short ain’t for kids).

As he tries to get the right angle for his camera to catch the awesome titties, he stumbles over an ancient vase containing mystical dust from the far east.

Ancient scrolls tell that millennia ago the wise and mighty kung-fu monks sealed the seven evil spirits of the world into these vessels, so that humanity would not suffer from their destruction and despair.
While Joe tries to cover up his mistake he inhales some of the dust, which grants him an tremendous power he would have never imagined.

But along with Joe’s new abilities an evil demon from the ancient times escapes as well.
Realizing that he is now free to bring chaos over the world once more, the only thing now that stands in his way is JOE.

Who would have thought, that a regular cleansman would be the defender of the world of tomorrow.